Using Vine for Marketing: Tips and Examples

For those who don’t know about Vine: here’s an explanation. Vine is a relativity new app for iOS devices, which allows users to create short, 6 second videos. The app was released back in January, and is the brainchild of Twitter founders. Vine isn’t currently available to Android users, but apparently it’s ‘coming soon’.

Long attention spans are becoming a thing of the past, and a 6 second video may seem very short, but with a little imagination a lot can be squeezed into 6 seconds.

Vine has had thousands of downloads in the app store, and hit the number one spot in April, just four months after release.

Although Vine is fun, and allows you to make stupid internet cat videos, how can companies jump on board and use Vine as part of their marketing strategy?

Here are 6 ways that brands can use Vine for marketing, and below we’ll show you some examples of Vines we love.

1. Show off your brand

When selling products, something all sales people need to learn is their elevator pitch – a short, sharp pitch, which leaves the buyer needing to buy your product. Well, Vine can be just that.

The 6 second video can show your brand or product in action, and you don’t need to pitch it to anyone – Vine does it for you.

It is easier for product-related brands to use Vine, for example, you may show someone wearing or using your product. But those without tangible products can succeed at Vine as well. Show of your brand from the inside, the inner workings of your office or warehouse or record a speaker at your latest event.

2. Send a message

Vines are more engaging that text, and a recent study found that Vines are shared four times as often as other internet videos, so it makes sense to share a message that gives a greater impact. Share news, tips and updates through Vine.

Putting a face to your brand will help you connect with your audience on a more personal level.

3. Encourage your fans to get involved

Vine is a trendy, popular app, so it’s easy to get your customer involved. Generate content on a budget by asking your customers to help out. Ask them to post Vines of them using your product, and create a hashtag so that a community can be built quickly online.

One of the most shared Vines was by Urban Outfitters. They asked customer to share a ‘day in the life of your Converse’ and tag the Vine with the hashtag #yourchucks.

4. Re-use existing video content

Use Vine to promote your longer internet videos. Give customers a sneak peek and then link out to your other videos. Alternatively, reuse old video content. Cut up your video to fit into 6 seconds, saving you time and effort when making a new video.

5. Become a reporter

Are you attending an event that your customers may find interesting? Use Vine to report back to your followers. The Vines can be absorbed in digestible chunks, and allow followers to get involved even if they aren’t in attendance. Again, attach a hashtag to your Vine, so that followers can hop on board, even if they’re late to the party.

6. Explain a concept

Like the majority of content marketing, Vine can be used as a teaching or informational tool. The video can be used a standalone tool, or can complement another concept. This way your message will be spread across various platforms, and your brand will be accessible across different social sites.




This post by fashion retailer ASOS was posted back in January, very soon after Vine was launched. ASOS are using their own hashtags, and are encouraging customers to get involved. They’re boosting their brand, whilst promoting certain products.



Trident Gum

Trident Gum use Vine is a great way. They not only use Vine for promoting their products, but they also have fun with their staff and within their office. The encourage users to get involved, and use hashtags to ensure their Vines are found.



London Zoo

A zoo is the perfect company for using visual based social media sites such as Vine, Instagram or Pinterest. Followers on social media sites can keep up to date with live videos from the zoo, without viewing long YouTube videos. It also works as an advertisement.



Lowes is a DIY style store and uses Vine in a completely different way; they use it to provide hints and tips. I like how this Vine is helpful, informative, and shows off Lowe’s experience in a different way. They aren’t promoting a specific product, but add value by explaining how they’re experts in their field. They also use the hashtag #howtofixinsix referring to the 6 second video they’re using.



Malibu Rum

Malibu’s first Vine was simple yet effective. There isn’t anything fancy going on which can remove focus, instead they have used the timeless combination of coconut rum and pineapple to make a yummy looking cocktail.



Buzzfeed is a website that provides readers with news and entertainment from around the web. As such, Buzzfeed doesn’t have a tangible product that they can feature in their Vines. Instead, Buzzfeed uses Vine to offer an insight into their office, as you can see with this Vine. The Vine isn’t as slick as others, the camera does move around a lot, but I can understand what they’re looking to achieve – and the mini horse is super cute.


Other inspirational Vines

These are videos we have seen on the web, and aren’t necessarily brand specific. Take some inspiration from these videos, and see what you can create. @yelldesign We really liked this Vine which was trending on Twitter last week. Created by Matt @yelldesign  

Be warned: You may waste some of your working day looking through Matt’s Vine videos – they’re ace.



This must’ve taken a lot of time and effort a 6 second clip! But it’s so well executed, you’ll spend more than 6 seconds re-watching the clip.




Again, a lot of effort has been poured into this Vine! This Vine isn’t advertising anything as such, nor is it promoting a brand, but it uses two simple items effectively and showcases the creators imagination.

UDPATE. Vine was launched for Android on 3rd June 2013. Read more on Vine’s blog here.

How else does your brand use Vine? Do you have any top tips for us? Get involved below, or come and find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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