Trust Centre

Your data is protected with our safe and secure systems.

Security and Trust is Paramount to Wired Marketing

Our platform ensures that you can share your most valued data and assets with confidence that they are secure and protected. The system uses the latest technology and resources that guarantees your business and contact privacy is protected. The policies, systems and technology we use will make sure you have full confidence in using us for your marketing campaigns.

System Status

Our platform status is available at This dedicated page allows you to subscribe for real-time notifications, service updates and service incidence. You will also receive access to a summary of our previous incident history updates and scheduled maintenance times.

Security and Data Location

All of our datahouses are held in secure datacenters in the UK and worldwide locations based on agreed user access points to support local security and data protection laws. All these datacenters are Tier 5 Secure and managed through multiple processes to make sure your data and access is protected.

Supporting Resources

Download our Security Overview Document to gain a further understanding of our infrastructure and platform. Alternatively contact a member of our security team via 0845 467 5234 for further information.

A Safe & Secure Platform Infrastructure

Building and Creating Campaigns

Industry leading load balancers help us make sure that we can cope with periods of high demand. Our platform is protected by firewall clusters and all access to the infrastructure requires two factor authentications ensuring that your data is protected.

Virus scan technology sits on our infrastructure keeping your data safe at all times.

A Protected Platform

The log in pages pass data by SSL and are protected against DOS and DDOS attacks and all data is virus scanned on load when uploaded to the platform. We have our Watchdog service constantly monitoring customer contact uploads. If they change from a usual pattern it automatically quarantines your list to protect sender reputation.