The history of email infographic

 Where did it begin and where is it going?   In a little more detail….

1971 – You have mail Ray Tomlinson sends the first email while working on Arpanet.

1978 – Mass Mail Gary Thuerk, marketing manager sends the first mass-marketing email to 400 users and it generated $13 million in sales.

1991 – The Internet gets a large audience.

1992 –  The first smartphone made mobile emails accessible.

1996 –  Hotmail launches the first free web email service, allowing us to reach the masses.

1998 – The growth of emailing marketing and the large bank of data collected was soon followed by unwanted commercial mail.

1999 – Ecommerce allows saving Email vendors begin to compile data using relational databases, which started to grow and build banks of contact information.

2001 – The first behavioural email is sent, using targeting to market products which where relatable to the sole individual.

2010 – Click, Click, Click, Trigger happy 48% of online marketers are now sending triggered emails based on their customer journey and movements.

2012 – Your inbox understands your needs The DMA reports that 85% of email marketers are using data to tailor their messaging.

2014 – Time to get personal Dynamic content is used to create a personal and approachable experience – goodbye batch and blast, hello loyal customers.

2016 – To the future Time to start using video and GIFs to create engaging content which keep your customers eyes fixed on what you have to say. Personalisation starts to take over and our brand, emails and the internet knows us better than those we live with. As technology advances and optimisation is on the move, accessibility is key to reaching your target audience.

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