Surveys & Forms

Gather customer information with ease. Build clever Surveys and Forms in minutes.

Drag and drop builder

CopyKat tool to create website surround

Trigger Behavioural Automation Programs

Capture Data, Improve your List

Nurture and grow your list understanding

Nurture and grow your data profiling

Use Surveys and Forms to capture contact data that maps back into your Wired address books, segments and automation cycles. This saves you time and is much more efficient than having to manually input the contacts collected preferences. Use data captured within future campaigns using our Dynamic Content tool and segment contacts based on your data fields and preference lists to drive engagement and conversion.

Build a worthy relationship

Assign data up to 400 different fields to understand your contacts preferences and demographic information in as much detail as you require. This information can then be used to automate messages and segment your contacts, allowing you to send current, relevant and personalised content to each individual.

Mobile Optimised Surveys & Forms

Engage your contacts on the move

Don’t let the device ruin your display

Gone are the days when big fingers and small screens were incompatible. Our tool allows you to create mobile optimised Surveys & Forms. By stacking content and using easy-to-click radio buttons, our tool is perfect for creating forms that are simple to navigate on all devices and email / browser types.

Capture partial completions

As our daily lives are often very busy, this part of the Surveys & Forms tool enables contacts to engage with your messages and submit information even if they bounce away from the survey or form previously.

CopyKat Tool

Make sure your survey is on brand with our simple copyKat tool

Seamlessly reflect your website and online brand profile

The CopyKat tool gives you the opportunity to create surveys that seamlessly reflect your brand and your website. Simply pull through your site and remove elements and functionalities not required, creating a surround that can then be used to build a survey.

This instills trust within your contacts to drive a higher survey or form response rate, and your survey or form remains on brand.

No HTML knowledge necessary

As you can pull through your site design and customise site elements, there is no need for IT teams or coding knowledge ensuring you can create effective and engaging surveys within just a matter of minutes.

Add a Popover to key site pages

Capture key information on important conversion pages with ease

From sign up for information to full blown survey series

Enhance your website pages by adding Surveys and Forms in a popover to gather contact information and preferences. Whether you are looking to find out how you can improve your services or capture new leads, integrating Surveys and Forms allows you to effectively capture data and information from organic traffic.

Share and showcase your expertise

Popovers can be customised to reflect your brand and allow you to add offers and incentives to draw in contacts. Whether that is through an eBook, whitepaper, download, product promotion or discount code for a product, offering something for free makes web visitors more open to sharing their information.

Drive engagement with powerful, easy to use Email Marketing and Automation Tools

Emulate your website

Pull through your website to increase trust and awareness with your survey or form

Fully responsive forms

Surveys and Forms render for mobile devices to provide a perfect customer experience

Capture partial completions

Data is held against contacts to engage contacts on the move even if they don’t complete your form

Page branching tools

Only show questions that are relevant to your contacts to funnel responses

Create website popovers

Engage contacts on your website to feed directly into Wired for ongoing targeting

Increase form conversions

Build forms that increase subscriptions and encourage contacts to submit their details


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Account Management

Each and every client is assigned an Account Manager to ensure you’re making the most of the Wired platform

Template and Design Studio

No time to build a campaign? No problem. Our design studio will design, code and test your email based on your specific requirements

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