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Our system allows you to create, send and report on your email marketing campaigns, without leaving the Salesforce platform. By enriching your CRM with the power of our platform, your organisation can access the functionality designed to help you meet your email marketing aims and objectives both in the short and long term.

React quickly and efficiently

Transform your emails from bulk shoot and send campaigns to targeted personal campaigns that are sent to the correct person at the correct time. Create effective campaigns quickly and easily without the need to leave the Salesforce environment.

Align your sales and marketing

Work with us to revolutionise your strategy

Create a holistic marketing strategy

Our integration pushes data into Salesforce based on your chosen campaign reports, ranging from opens and clicks through to site visits and ROI. Create bespoke experiences for your contacts that feedback the important statistics to your sales and marketing teams, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Working in an effective and efficient manner

By integrating the two platform gives you extra time to manage other task as there is no need for manual intervention or data upload. The powerful integration will allow you to use multichannel methods to automate messages from a range of key areas and channels, whilst also enabling you to add new customers directly into Salesforce and use your CRM as you normally would.

Advance with reports and analytics

Make your marketing easier to manage

Real time reports at your fingertips

Gain full access to live data and manage your reports in depth allowing you to make fast paced changes that drive your marketing to move forward. See full reports including opens, clicks, keywords, device, demographics, geographics and even behaviours. The integration provides you with deeper level insights that allow you to strengthen your marketing and develop your strategy.

Close the loop

Often markets struggle to fully understand the impact of their marketing with campaigns. By integrating your CRM and ESP this ensures all leads generated are recorded, stored and managed in one platform, helping you to run a closed loop marketing strategy.

Automation Plan and Toolkit

Download our automation plan and toolkit to learn more on automation and how you can implement a smarter strategy that will increase engagement and sale success.