Platform update: Microsites and classic dynamic content are being retired

On Wednesday 2 August 2017, we’ll be retiring our microsites tool and our support for classic dynamic content.

How we’re retiring the microsite tool

The microsite tool has been superseded by Landing Pages. You can learn more about the Landing Page tool here, or if you would like to arrange a demonstration of Landing Pages, please contact your Account Manager.

We have also released a converter to turn microsites into landing pages, please read this blog post for more details on this. If you currently use microsites AND have the landing pages add-on enabled on your account, you will be able to use the converter, although it will be entirely optional.

From 2 August 2017, access to the microsite tool will be removed for all users. Any microsites not already converted will be switched off.

How we’re retiring classic dynamic content

Classic dynamic content has been superseded by the dynamic content building block, which is already active in your Wired account. Classic dynamic content is available until 2 August 2017, so please consider migrating any classic dynamic content you require over to the newer tool. Due to the complexities of dynamic content, we’ve been unable to offer a converter.

How can I ask questions?

Your Account Manager is available to answer any other questions you have, or please email our support team here.

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