Platform update: Activation of double opt-in

Last year we introduced the ability to enable double opt-in for signup forms in your account settings. From 2 August 2017 this setting will be activated on all accounts.

Double opt-in provides you with protection against signup form abuse, and means you have proof of the contact’s consent to receive your email marketing. With emerging regulation this would make it easier for you to demonstrate compliance.

What is a signup form?

A signup form on your website allows you to easily convert visitors into new subscribers. A visitor enters their email address, along with optional other details which get stored in your contact data fields and added to your mailing list. They can even choose which of your lists to join.

You can create a signup form in your Wired account by going to Contacts > Signup forms. Our signup form creation wizard will generate the HTML embed code for your website. Or if you have Surveys and Forms enabled on your account you can build a form here and embed this on your website.

What is double opt-in?

Double opt-in (also known as confirmed opt-in or COI) is a two-step subscription process and is considered best email marketing practice.

  1. A contact subscribes to your list by using your site’s signup form.
  2. They’re sent an email asking them to confirm their subscription by clicking a verification link.

This affirmative action ensures the subscriber really does want to receive emails from you – and gives you proof of this confirmation should there ever be a dispute over it.

If the recipient does not respond to the confirmation email, then they’re not added to your list and they won’t receive any further email from you. It’s also probably the case that they weren’t serious about receiving email from you in the first place, so you haven’t wasted your time.

What’s the downside to single opt-in?

With single opt-in, all a visitor to your site has to do is enter an email address and they’re automatically added to your list.

Whilst this may sound great for fast list building, the significant downside is that it’s prone to malicious subscriptions (for instance, those carried out by spam bots). This in turn can lead to unwanted emails getting marked as spam or junk and generating abuse complaints against you.

This is why we strongly encourage you to use default double opt-in.

But I don’t want double opt-in

On 2 August 2017 we’ll enable the protection offered by double opt-in on all accounts. If you want to benefit from it before this date you can enable the feature by going to Account > Account settings, scrolling down to ‘Features’, ticking ‘Enable double opt-in on my list signups’ and then clicking Save settings.

If you do not want to benefit from the protection offered you can disable the feature in your Account settings.

Can I customise the default double opt-in confirmation email?

Yes. You can add your company logo by going to Contacts > Advanced features > Subscription settings. You can’t change the wording though.

If you want full control over the content, however, then you can set up a triggered campaign and select it under ‘Double opt-in settings’ to send as your double opt-in confirmation email.

How can I ask questions?

You can contact your account manager, or contact our support team by emailing support@wiredmarketing.co.uk

As always we’re supporting our clients however we can leading up to the GDPR changes taking place next year. Get in touch with your Account Manager if you need any assistance with setting up forms, triggered emails, or strategic advice on what to do next.

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