Personalisation & Segmentation

Send targeted and precise messages based on contact preferences

Get personal with your contacts

Segment groups of contacts

Utilise Dynamic Content

Boost response rates through Personalisation

Evolve your communication strategy and expand your reach.

Hi, we’re Wired, what’s your name?

By gathering data against your recipient you are able to build a stronger relationship with your contacts, as using their personalised information within a campaign increases relevancy, interest and awareness. Use personalisation within your emails to receive a greater open and click through rate.

Understand what makes contacts tick

Learn the preferences of your customers and personalise your campaigns to develop a strong relationship that helps improve conversions and engagement. Sending relevant content not only supports the success of your emails but it allows you to develop a loyal retained customer as you only ever send the content they want and need.

Become Relevant with Segmentation

Create customised and creative campaigns

Let the data lead you

Segment your data in minutes to create targeted groups of contacts enabling the content you send to be relevant to the individual. Creating groups based upon demographic and geographical information will strengthen the levels of engagement and interaction by understanding the recipient’s preferences.

Tailor your segments to contact behaviours and patterns

By setting up segments you are able to contact customers based on their recent activities, purchases, behaviour and engagements. Should a contact be interested in a certain product, field or area of your business you are able to send them customised content which is based on themes that they regularly engage with, allowing you to optimise the success of your emails.

Produce Dynamic Campaigns

Provide fresh and targeted content

Use the knowledge you have captured

Display relevant information based on your contacts preferences with Dynamic Content. By asking the right questions and through the positioning of content you are able to understand your customer personally. Pull through customised content into your emails and landing pages to personalise your campaigns and increase engagement.

Tailored images, text and colours

Using Dynamic Content enables you to customise the designs of the emails you send, from image, text, colours, animation, sizing, shapes and more. Different demographics may respond differently to the content displayed and so by using Dynamic content, you can manipulate a singular email easily to increase engagement, click through and contact activity.

Use advanced tools to create a personal experience with your contacts

Provide a one-to-one experience

Use customer data to personalise your messages to increase engagement

Use personalisation to get noticed

Improve open and click rates with personalised emails using a contact’s data

Dynamically target contacts

Use data fields to display different content and imagery for the individual recipient

Improve conversion rates with Segmentation

Improve relevancy and improve response rates through precision targeting

Build simple or complex groups

Drag and drop rules to build specific groups and lists of data

Lifecycle communications

Send content at relevant stages of a contact journey to continue their engagement


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Guide: Using Segmentation to Increase Customer Loyalty

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