New Wired Platform Updates

If you’re a client and use the Wired platform daily, we have updated some of the technical aspects of our system to help improve your user experience. Take a look at the platform updates taking place this October. 

Updates to the Drag and Drop Editor 

You can now change all the text in your campaign, in one place with one click. Turn paragraphs to a heading in a simple series of clicks and have the power to update buttons almost instantly.

Styles are sections of text settings that you can apply all at once, allowing you to be selective with your creations or restrictions on which styles can be used by other users, ensuring your campaigns to allow remain on brand and in focus.

So now you can breath easy, as our improvements allow the system to run even more smoothly and provide easy, manageable and innovative solutions that are much more time effective.


More New Features That You Don’t Want to Miss

Magento 2.1 Connector support

Our Magento connector will support Magento 2.1, along with expiring coupon codes and corresponding product attributes. So you never have to worry when it comes to integrations as our newly updated system is ready to meet your needs.



Log all sends with seed lists

Many companies of all sizes have compliance teams who aim to record and trace all content that is being sent. Now seed lists allow you to manage all sends within one place, with the option to add up to 25 email addresses and we will send you all the information you need on the email which have been sent from each address.

This then allows you to keep track of sends and keep colleagues in the loop, through setting up a seed list. We’ll then email every major send straight to it your list, for you to manage and review.

The benefits are endless, from sharing with colleagues, friends, key clients and the big boss. Seed lists provide another area of easy management to any business.

Add contacts to your seed list by going to Contacts > Advanced Features > Seed List:




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