Marketing Automation

Create complex automated communications with the ease of drag and drop technology

Dynamic Email Automation Suite

Integrate your marketing channels

Create bespoke cycles for your contacts

Create Bespoke Programs

Build relationships with conversational campaigns

Send relevant and time specific messages

Create emails that engage and interest contacts through an automated series by combining demographic and behaviour based triggers inside the automation suite. Nurture your contacts and lead them through their customer journey in a smooth and frictionless manner, whilst supplying them with content which is both relevant and tailored to their specific interests.

Let automation be there when you cannot

Visually map the journey of your contacts and create a lifecycle strategy that encourages engagement. From web sign up auto-responders to anniversary driven campaigns, lead nurturing programmes and even retargeting campaigns, easily customise and tailor the experience of each contact.

Multichannel Marketing Made Easy

It’s easy to stay connected with your online communities

Align your marketing efforts

Take your marketing to the next level and manage your brand across all marketing channels, within one platform. Use the Automation Program Builder to send targeted email campaigns, SMS messages, send direct mail, update contact records, and even create follow up tasks within your CRM using our Channel Extensions tool.

Manage all results in one place

Set up Google Analytics to manage all of your platforms in one place, allowing you to evaluate which channels are working most successfully. Use the data to align your marketing strategies and learn how you can improve and strengthen your marketing efforts across your multiple marketing channels.

Abandoned Form and Shopping Carts

Increase cart and form conversions by at least 6%

Let automation catch more potential customers

5 minute setup, no coding, no backend integration, just add a single code snippet and you’re done. We do the rest. eCommerce Engagement is a real-time remarketing platform that allows marketers to simply manage behavioural driven communications through your ecommerce store and B2B forms.

Convert your Cart

As well as dealing with the recovery of carts in real time, we go further than other products by collecting the data and storing it. The benefit is that you can then use this information to allow for future engagement and conversion communications that are personalised to the individual, allowing you to increase engagement, upsell, cross sell and monitor the activity that takes place on your site from both prospects and customers.

The result is 1:1 marketing that dramatically increases conversion rates and brand impact.

Drive Engagement with Powerful, Easy to Use Email Marketing and Automation Tools

Bespoke program creation

Build simple or complex programs in just a few clicks to send automated messages

Lead nurturing

Guide contacts towards your goal using a combination of sends, delays and decisions

Save time through automation

Automatically trigger messages to build relationships with individual contacts

Trigger autoresponders

Intelligent programs that send email campaigns based on a contacts action

Push and pull contacts across cycles

Provide contacts with relevant messages and in and out of specific automation flows

Delays and Decisions

Create flows that move contacts at their own speed through the process


Call or email our support team if you every need any editing help or advice. No question is too small or large.

Account Management

Each and every client is assigned an Account Manager to ensure you’re making the most of the Wired platform.

Template and Design Studio

No time to build a campaign? No problem. Our design studio will design, code and test your email based on your specific requirements.

Data Insight Manual for Implementing Smarter Automation

Transform contact information into useful insight. Use automation tools to trace the movements of customers and predict the future of their journey.

Intuitive Platform Features