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Harness the Power of Email Marketing with our Magento integration

Integrates with your Magento tool

Increase engagement with relevant messages

Send campaigns based on site behaviour

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Our system is simple yet sophisticated

The perfect partner for Magento

Send engaging and effective email campaigns by integrating our system with Magento. Create tailored and highly personalised campaigns targeted based on data stored within your admin console. Use the power of Wired to communicate to your best and highest spending customers to achieve your aims and objectives quickly.

We support Magento 2

Our Magento connector will support Magento 2.1, along with expiring coupon codes and corresponding product attributes, so you never have to worry when it comes to integration as our intuitive platform is ready to meet your needs.

Magento Email Extension
Main Features

Data synchronization
All historical customer & order data
Wishlists, cart contents & reviews
Custom attribute mapping for customers & orders
Create campaigns in minutes with drag and drop templates
Build integrated branded data acquisition forms & surveys
Abandoned cart series for customers and guests
Welcome, post purchase, birthday, loyalty campaigns and more!
Upsell, Cross-sell, Related products for purchases and cart contents
Best Sellers & Most Viewed to a category level
Unique coupon codes for any promotional rule
Transactional Email with Full Reporting

The platform is ready to work for you

Stay personalised, relevant and brand proud

Become smarter with email marketing

Our integrations will allow you to achieve real-time data synchronisation, which creates the option for you to sync customer data, store orders, baskets and wish lists for each customer. Segment your contact bank based on their purchase history and recent behaviours, making your processes faster, smarter and stronger.

Create a seamless strategy

From welcome programs, dynamic product recommendations, loyalty series’, reactivation campaigns, abandoned browsers, shopping carts and more, you now have the ability to enhance your contacts customer journey and strengthen engagement levels with campaigns.

Use smarter ecommerce marketing

We support a one to one experience

Intelligent, Personalised and Targeted Customer Emails

Personalised emails are proven to engage contacts more than basic campaigns. Segment based on retail behaviour including total spend, number of orders or average order value. Base campaigns on the contacts behaviour, such as purchase history or live baskets. Re-engage prospects with dynamic offers or discount codes.

Simple data migration for effective targeting

Simply upload your Magento customer data into our system in just minutes. Create up to 400 custom data fields for further segmentation and personalised campaigns. The more you know about your customer, too easier it is to target them effectively.

Access the Wired platform inside your Magento account to easily harness the power of your ecommerce store and the advanced email platform.

Using segmentation to increase customer loyalty

Download our whitepaper to learn about segmenting your data into smaller groups to create targeted and more effective campaigns.

Intuitive Platform Features