Insights & Data

Become more relevant by identifying and tracking your contact’s movements

Capture data to increase relevancy

Understand your contacts in more detail

Become Predictive

Use Order Insights to improve relevancy

Capture ecommerce data and feed order information into Wired.

Become relevant through segmentation

Easily segment customers based on purchase history, frequency, value and products bought. This assists you in creating and sending content which is relevant and personalised to the needs and desires of each customer.

Optimise your checkout process

Connect your cart and build targeted emails to cross and upsell relevant products. Optimise the sale of similar and related products that a customer may also have interest in, allowing you to strengthen sales whilst providing your contacts with seamless and connected communication.

Understanding Web Insights

Use website insights to develop and strengthen your strategy

Understand the journey of a contact

Map the movements of each and every contact that is active on your site by capturing their browsing data. See which pages have been visited by individual contacts, review the time that has been spent on the site and pages, and see which devices your contacts are using.

Provide a tailored customer experience

By capturing the movements that your contacts make, you can provide a one to one customised experience. Use Web Insights to send targeted messages based on your knowledge of their experience with your site. Trigger browse abandonment messages or target contacts based on pages visited.

Apply Lead Scores to Profile Contacts

Know when your contacts are engaged

Creating rules based on engagement, activity and suitability enables you to segment your hot and cold contacts. By applying scores you can see which of your contacts are engaged with your brand and where in their customer journey they are located. This tool also allows you to add scores to see how your customers have responded and reacted to previously sent campaigns.

Warm unengaged contacts

Understanding how active your contacts are enables you to maximise conversion rate, whilst detecting those prospects or returning customers which may need re-engaging. Through using an automation series, you can manage contacts that have not interacted by sending tailored messages to gradually encourage your audience to engage.

Use gathered insight to grow your data base and targeting abilities

Smarter segmentation

Simple or sophisticated, Wired makes targeting easy and straight forward

Order Insights

Gather insights from previous orders and use within your marketing messages

Web Insights

Use website behaviour to target communications with relevant content

Lead Scoring

Apply scores based on engagement and suitability to understand engagement

In-depth reports

Understand campaign engagement in minutes and access over 30 reports

Preference centres

Keep contacts preference up to date and campaigns relevant to their needs


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Account Management

Each and every client is assigned an Account Manager to ensure you’re making the most of the Wired platform

Template and Design Studio

No time to build a campaign? No problem. Our design studio will design, code and test your email based on your specific requirements

Infographic: Web Analytics

Use Web Analytics to improve your understanding of email marketing results.

Effectively use data captured to develop your strategies and optimise processes to maximise success.