How Wired Marketing keep your account secure (without using your IP address)

You might have noticed this when logging in to your Wired Marketing account:

Wired Marketing Keep Your Account Secure

Barrier To Entry

Although this stops you getting into your account right away, it’s a good thing – it offers an extra layer of protection for your account over and above your password.

But some of you were seeing this a fair bit. Others were seeing it… a lot. And that’s because it was triggered by your IP address changing. If you only ever used Wired at work, your IP address probably didn’t change. But if you were logging in at home, or over public wifi, your IP address may have been changing fairly frequently. This is because non-corporate IP addresses are often ‘dynamic’, which means they change every time you connect to them.

And when your IP address did change, you had to verify all over again. Some of you were telling us you had to do this multiple times a day – and that didn’t feel right, so we set out to do better.

Frictionless entry

From today, we no longer use IP addresses in the verification process. Instead, when you verify, you’ll be verifying the browser on your device. If you change device or browser (or browser profile), then you’ll verify just like before. But you’re likely to do that a lot less often than changing your IP address (which mostly, you would have had no control over).
You’ll also have to re-verify if you don’t log in for 30 days or more (so that if you do change a device, you don’t have to worry about it – it will become unverified automatically).

All this means that you are much less likely to have to repeat-verify, but that your account remains secure.

Email or SMS

Just like before, we offer two ways of verifying your account: via email or via SMS. Email is the default, so if you’d rather receive a text message instead, your account owner can set up two-factor authentication on your account.

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