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Personalise your campaign with dynamic content

With Wired personalising your email content is incredibly easy. With one click you can:

  • Add personalised fields to boost your response rates.
  • Create dynamic content to interact on a 1:1 level with your contacts
  • Increase conversion through engagement
  • Target messages to specific behaviour and demographics, and watch your response rates go sky high.

Create Trigger Emails and Marketing Automation

See sales soar when you create reactive campaigns. Amazing!

  • Set-up auto-responses to contacts who reply to an email directly or sign up to a newsletter
  • Create trigger series for warming prospects or brand building
  • Create custom trigger’s to react to contacts birthdays, events or any buying pattern you define
  • Setup Behavioural triggers for example when someone opens a campaign

Create and control your address books

  • Easy data upload to get contacts in the system via CSV or excel, API feeds or even one at a time if you want
  • Create multiple address books (and segments) with ease and then segment and manage the contacts
  • View historical analysis of each contact and react accordingly with data mining technology
  • Easily export all data in seconds
  • Create sign up forms, custom fields and preference centres

Manage unsubscribes and suppressions automatically

  • Upload your own suppression files
  • Automatically remove any ‘unsubscribes’ from your lists in real time
  • Create preference centres to put your subscribers in control of the emails they receive from you
  • Automatically manages hard bounces and ISP complaints and allows you to control soft bounce thresholds

Transform the way you approach your
sales and marketing

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