Email Marketing

Built for Marketers by Marketers to help you create relevant and targeted email campaigns with ease.

Test, Analyse and Improve your Campaigns

Drag and Drop Email Creation Tool

Enterprise Functionality to boost Engagement

Drag, Drop and Send

Our Drag and Drop editor allows you to design, test and send flawless campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Building and Creating Campaigns

Develop your own email campaigns with no HTML or coding knowledge required. The platform allows you to add an array of elements to your campaigns in just a couple of clicks. Whether you want to add social buttons, RSS feeds, dynamic content or personalised content you will find everything you need to get the response required from your marketing.

Increase Engagement with Creative Content

Adding visually engaging content to your email campaigns has never been so straightforward. Upload images to create your own graphics library cutting campaign creation time even further. Then add advanced functionality including dynamic content, videos, gifs and animations enabling you to capture and hold the attention of your audience.

Think Mobile First

Make sure your audience can see your message no matter what device they use.

Optimising Email Campaigns

Drive engagement through device optimisation allowing your email campaigns to reach contacts no matter their location. Optimise the success of your email delivery, open and click through rate by making sure your template renders correctly each and every time you send no matter the device or email client they use.

Visual Aesthetics and Designs

Forget coding, we have it covered. Our editor ensures your template layout stacks, images are resized and even hide campaign elements for a perfect mobile user experience.

Get to know your contacts

Understand what makes your contacts engage with you each and every time you send.

Split Testing

Stop guessing and discover what your audience loves. Split test every element of your campaign including colours, text, layouts, and subject lines. Once you know what your target audience responds to, you will be sure to see an increase in engagement as you are becoming more behaviourally responsive.

Segmentation and Personalisation

Develop your strategy and optimise engagement by sending content based on your recipient’s actions or behaviour. By knowing your contacts on a more personal level, you are then able to optimise the success of your emails by grouping your data into targeted lists and sending hyper personalised dynamic content.

Real time reports at your fingertips

Track, analyse and assess your contacts to make sure you are hitting your KPI’s

Understand your key stats and how you can continue to improve

View key stats following a campaign send, including opens, clicks, suppressions, geographical interaction and more. Understand key campaign hot spots, which email clients are used to view your campaigns, which of your contacts are the most engaged and build a profile of contact engagement across your dataset to improve future targeting.

Customise your reports based on your business requirements

See over 30 customisable reports available all in the Wired reporting suite. Tailor the reporting dashboard to draw key information on engagement, new contacts, bounces and learn more about your live database – in real time.

Drive Engagement with Powerful, Easy to Use Email Marketing Tools

Advanced Split Testing

Set up split tests on subject lines, from name, from address and creative and we will calculate the winner based on your testing criteria

Drag and Drop Campaign Builder

Drag and drop columns, videos, buttons, images and text blocks. Apply styles, borders, padding and change mobile responsive elements

Internal Spam Checker

See how we score your campaign and understand what needs to change to ensure top delivery every time

Dynamic Content

Display dynamic content based on a contacts preferences to ensure your campaigns are targeted to the individual interests

Image Manager

Upload, organise and edit images from inside the Wired platform. Add filters, frames and even stickers to add personality to your email

Reply Forwarding

Forward replies to your campaign to a specific email address to ensure your team are monitoring responses and requests


Call or email our support team if you ever need any editing help or strategic advice. No question is too big or small

Account Management

Each and every client is assigned an Account Manager to ensure you are making the most of the Wired platform and supported every step of the way

Template and Design Studio

No time to build a campaign? No problem. Our design studio will design, code and test your email based on your specific requirements

Webinar: Discover Engaging Email Marketing

Engage your contacts through effective email marketing campaigns and explore why email marketing is crucial to the success of any business.

Intuitive Platform Features