Converting a microsite to a landing page


You can automatically convert a microsite (built with the microsites tool) into a landing page (that you can edit with the newer landing pages tool).

The conversion tool will be available until the microsites tool is retired on 2 August 2017.


The conversion tool is only available if you have both the microsites tool AND the landing pages tool. You can see if you have both by clicking the area switcher menu, and seeing if both appear. Please contact your account manager or our support team if you would like a demonstration of the Landing Pages tool.

What will happen when you convert a microsite

When you convert a microsite, the conversion tool will do several things:

1. It will turn it into a landing page, and place it in a ‘Microsites’ folder that you can find in the landing pages area. Microsites that contain more than one page will be grouped into subfolders.

2. It will add EasyEditor markup to your converted microsites wherever possible. In most cases, this will allow you to edit the text and images of your new landing page. However, if your microsite contains non-standard HTML, we may not be able to add EasyEditor markup. In this case, you can edit your landing page by using the HTML mode (by going to Utilities > Edit source).

3. It will ensure your existing links continue to work by creating permanent URL redirects from your old microsites to your new landing pages, and by publishing your new landing pages. Most microsites have links that look like:


However, some microsites may be published on your own custom domain, or your ‘from address’ domain that is used for sending out emails.

Most landing pages have links that look like:


However, unlike microsites, landing pages can be published in your own custom domain.

4. It will maintain all your personalisation (for example, tags such as @FIRSTNAME@ will continue to work, provided you link to your landing page from an email campaign)

5. It will move your microsite page views over to your landing page reports. For microsites that have multiple pages, the number of views will get applied to each resulting landing page.

6. Finally, it will remove the converted microsite from your list of microsites. To get this back, see Recovering a converted microsite.

Starting your conversion

To convert a microsite, follow these steps:

1. Select Microsites from the area switcher menu

2. Locate the microsite you want to convert, select it, and then click ‘Convert to landing pages’

3. On the popup that appears, ensure you’re happy with what will happen (see What will happen when you convert a microsite). Then, click Convert now.

NB: If you have purchased a custom from address, you’ll be given the chance to publish your new landing page on your custom domain. Select your preferred domain, and click Next. If you don’t have a custom from address, you’ll skip this step.

4. Wait for the conversion to happen. On the confirmation screen, you can click ‘Go to your landing pages’ to see and edit your new landing page.

Converting more than one microsite at a time

You can convert multiple microsites at once. In the microsite list, select as many as you like, click Convert to landing pages and then follow steps 3 to 5 in Starting your conversion.

Reviewing your conversion

To review your conversion:

1. In the landing page tool, click the Microsites folder and locate your new landing page. Click the Edit icon.

2. Click on Publish. The ‘Publish’ side panel will appear.

3. Click on Visit link. Your new landing page will open in a new window. Confirm that it looks correct and works as expected.

Recovering a converted microsite

When you convert a microsite, it will disappear from your list of microsites. This makes it easy to know which ones you’ve converted and which ones you haven’t.

However, if you want to bring back a converted microsite, you can recover it by following these steps:

1. Click the Settings menu in the top black bar

2. Select Utilities

3. Locate the microsite you wish to recover, and click the Recover icon. Confirm this is what you want to do.

4. You’ll be taken to your microsites list that will now contain your recovered site

Note that you must be the account owner or have the ‘Can manage permission’ to recover converted microsites.


Recovering a microsite will place it back in your microsites list, but it will not remove the landing page that was created during the conversion or remove the redirects that were created.

Please contact our support team or your account manager if you have any further questions and we will be happy to help.

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