Campaign Management

Use Professionally Managed Email Campaigns to Drive Success

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Campaign Strategy Bespoke for your Business

No time? No worries

Use our fully managed campaign services and allow us to create, build and send out email marketing campaigns on your behalf. Our bespoke Campaign Management teams will build a campaign strategy with your end goals in mind, allowing you to focus on alternative areas of the business with confidence that we can handle the rest.

The Best of Both World’s

Combining our Enterprise level sending platform with our Campaign Management team allows you to achieve the results you require. Through collaboration and ongoing conversations we become an integral partner that will develop a thorough understanding of your business goals, enabling you to rely on our team whenever you require our support.

A Trusted Internal Partner

Expert Knowledge – Enviable Results

As part of our Campaign Management services, our email marketing experts will create a bespoke strategy using our tried and tested techniques and use the advanced functionalities from within the Wired platform. By analysing your business objectives, existing email marketing outputs and results we will devise an optimised strategy to achieve your goals. From focussing on user journeys, engagements assets, conversion tools and behavioural analytics we can provide our years of experience to get results via email as a channel to support your business.

Sophisticated Marketing

Our creative teams can also assist you in creating automation flows that will allow you to automatically target your contacts with conversational, relevant and engaging messages. Whether you are looking to build a welcome, loyalty or re-activation series, we have the expertise to support you in creating an organic content flow that will drive your marketing forward.

Attract, Nurture, Convert and Delight

Sending & Reporting

Our experts will professionally manage and analyse your results, assisting you in the evaluation of your campaigns and development of your marketing strategy. Offering you personal and specialist knowledge in the logic behind the reports you receive we will support you in growing and improving your results.

Delve Deeper

From opens, clicks, keyword analysis and subject line testing to demographic, geographic and behavioural patterns, the reporting suite ensures we can focus on what really makes a contact engage with your brand. As well as this we can understand the social engagement, the user experience across your digital assets and channels to boost campaign performance.

5 Steps to Managed Campaign Success

Strategic Review and Business Understanding
Data Management and Segmentation Creation
Template and Creative Development
Campaign Sends with Split Testing and Trigger Actions
Campaign Analysis and Interpretation

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Natural Balance Foods use Wired Marketing to send managed campaigns in line with their overall marketing goals and other marketing channels. By understanding the business inside out, Wired have dramatically increased email marketing ROI and database engagement levels.