CRM and Ecommerce Integrations

Build a full picture of your contact through intuitive integrations with your site and CRM.

Directly link with Salesforce and drive Marketing Campaigns.

Build Marketing Automation Programs and cart abandonment from your Magento Store.

Support your sales teams with email marketing and Microsoft Dynamics.

Wired for Magento

Access Wired in the Magento admin panel through one simple log in page.

Synchronise customer data in real time to build effective email campaigns that use customer data to cross and upsell products.

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Wired for Salesforce CRM

Our fully integrated platform means you will manage your marketing and sales teams in once place, and with one log in page.

Link reports, campaign sends and maintain clean client and prospect data for a full closed loop solution.

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Wired for Microsoft Dynamics

Transform the way you use Microsoft Dynamics with our integration.

Access Wired inside your Dynamics account to ensure you are sending the right message at the right time based on the contacts position in the lead life cycle.

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Over 100 Custom Integrations

Looking to tie in Wired Marketing with your CRM, ERP, Finance, Survey, HR or blogging software?

Our email marketing tool already integrates with more than 100 of your favourites like Wordpress, Zoho and Freshbooks.

Abandoned Cart and Browse Triggers

Track shopping cart abandonment in real-time and engage users in future marketing with relevant content and products.

Recover sales with abandoned cart remarketing and convert users with personalised product offers and relations.

Whitepaper: Going beyond Standard Metrics

Once you've sent a campaign you should look to grow and evolve - download to learn how can you use your results, beyond the standard open and click through rate, to create a sophisticated marketing strategy.